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Our Gallery of Before & After Photos

Let these examples motivate you to start your own journey!
Lose it at work

I work 50 hour a week.

My weight started to creep up on me. With the help of my trainer Marguerite I lost 25 pounds.


Now I strength train with Marguerite 3 days a week and incorporate Yoga 3 times week with my Yoga instructor Nancy.

John Fuller CEO and Owner

Fuller and Company


My busy schedule working in retail.

I'm a store manger at charmimg Charlie.  Working

crazy hours at the store it was hard to make fitness part of my life style.

I hired Margurite to come to my home and designed me a fitness program and nurient program.


In 90 days I lost 10 pounds and learn to eat healthy foods and my energy level increase and the pounds melt off. 

Thanks Marguerite

Beth  ( Lawrenceville Ga)

Long distance weight lost

I live in Pocomoke Maryland the eastern shoal.  I started my weight lost Journey January 2013.  I lost 35 pounds in six months.


My Trainer and I communicate through e-mails, skype, and text.  I cut back on sugar, bad starches and alcohol and started a walking progam.


Thanks to my trainer Marguerite Rippy

Lovetta Winn (Pocomoke MD)

I'I'm ready for my 50'2 years high school reunion


January 5, 2014 I was 25 pounds over weight no energy and a weak core. 

Look at me now I'm 21 pounds lighter and a lots of energy.

I change my eating habits limted bad carbs an increase my protein and ate a meal every two to three hours.

I also started to exercise with Marguerite twice a week for seenv months and I add an additional day of exercise.

Thank you Marguerite for getting me ready for my high school reunion.


Diane  Reseinger

Ronald Blue & Co

Human Resources Director

Time to change

I went to the doctor July 25, 2014 the doctor was please with my weight.

January 2014 i was over weight out of shape etc.

Marguerite i want to thank you again for all you have done to help me get back in shape and lose weight.

Im 14 pounds lighter and feeling great.

You are amazing trainer and i look forward for your fall 2104 class.


Mealiane Nelms

Ronald Blue& Co

Human Resources Generalist

To the Diva tavibacwhom lost 18 pounds a
IMG_0775 (1).JPG

I'M 30 pounds lighter from February 25, 2018.  I can sting like a bee and float like a butterfly.  Deborah Brown ( Northside hospital management team)

Me and my Trainer came up with a fitness plan to help me to lose 18 pounds and it work.   The Paelo diet and my trainer Marguerite.

Lisa romaine ( Kellen Williams realty)

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