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Check out all of our success stories. Together we can do it! We have helped dozens of people reach their goals and feel healthier and more energetic. Maybe our next testimonail will be yours? 


“Marguerite Sullivan-Rippy has been my trainer for over three years. She is an inspiration and motivator. Not only has she helped me lose weight, I have lost inches as well as being the most fit than I have ever been. She works with you one on one to determine your goals and sets up a program to help you achieve these goals and more. She is very inspirational in nutrition value. Not only is Marguerite my personal trainer, I have taken numerous exercise classes that she teaches. Marguerite teaches you safety in all aspects of her training. Even when you are doing group exercise she will work with you individually to make sure you are working out properly and to your fitness ability”​
Mary Martin, November 2013  Worthingse Company


“Margarite has been my personal trainer for 14 years. Margarite has continued to inspire me to maximize my will being through appropriate exercise and diet. She has always tailored my exercise program to correspond to any physical constraints or needs I have while inspiring me to best I can be. I am over 50 and I have never felt better about myself. Thank you Margarite, I couldn’t have done it without you.”​
Debbie Mitcham., CFO Northside Hospital


“I've been taking classes and training with Marguerite since 2009. Yes, the weight has come off, but more importantly, I'm a stronger, healthier and happier person. Marguerite encourages and motivates without making me feel guilty. She always works to find the best combinations to meet my goals and keep me interested and challenged, and I know I always have her cheering in my corner! Lisa Hutcheson.”​

Lisa Hutcheson. November 2013  Initiative Media


“I started working with Marguerite in 2010. My wife, Lisa, had signed up for step aerobics and convinced me to join her after work. I couldn't make it through 30 minutes of cardio. Marg and I started working in one-on-one personal training sessions. I dropped from 280 lbs to 240 in six months of directed work. I started to gradually build strength in placed I didn't even realize I was weak. Due to work schedules, I can't get to her regular sessions these days, but due to the work we did from 2010-12, I've completely changed my eating habits, my exercise habits and my general lifestyle. I go to the gym at least three times a week now, and maintain a healthy weight on my own, all because Marg helped me change bad habits and improve a lifestyle, rather than simply trying the latest diet fad..”​
Sam Hutcheson. November 2013​  Soluctions Architect Teradata Appications





"Marguerite has been my personal trainer for over 13 years, she is truly a multi-dimensional trainer. She does far more than focus on fitness, she provides education, training and support of my mind, body and soul. I have learned so much about myself over the years, and have truly come a very long way from the very beginning of not working out to working out 3 to 4 times a week."

Cynthia, Experian, November 2013

I have worked out with Margeurite for many years. She loves her job, is enthusiastic and works to stay current. Marguerite is genuinely interested in her clients welfare beyond her classes and always willing to go the extra mile.

Deb Feltoe, Mills and Feltoe Computer Software Consultant Group, November 2013

Margie has been my personal trainer since 2006! At 46 I am healthier and stronger than I was when I was in my 20's! Thanks Margie for helping me to develop and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Val Roberts, Eagle Hospital Physicians, November 2013

Margeurite helped me get fit and loose 25 pounds 10 years ago, and helps me every week maintain my weight and fitness. I have always hated working out but she makes it enjoyable! 

Ann Parkman, President, The Center for Effective Performance, November 2013

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